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Title: Hero Worship
Characters: Steve Rogers, Alfred F. Jones, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson and mentions of Tony Stark,
Pairing: None, though Alfred has a serious man crush
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Pretty much everyone that isn't Alfred belongs to Marvel, Alfred is Hidekaz's idea not my own
Warnings: Unbeta'd I'm actually really sorry in advance
Summary: Steve Rogers has his share of admirers, even in the future.
A/N: I was supposed to be working on my second submission to the HBO-War-Athon/Team Pacific, but then I couldn't get anywhere with it so I just wrote this and then binni had to convince me to keep it so yeah. This isn't a formal fic--a proper one with depth and feelings--I just, wrote it because I was frustrated and I wanted something happy and you know without dead/in-the-closet marines. First time I've actually finished something where I wrote Alfred, and def. first time I wrote Steve Rogers.

When Steve first hears footsteps, he doesn't turn around. More people are showing up at the S.H.E.I.L.D facility these days, something to do with whatever Nick Fury's plotting, and it's not unusual to run into unfamiliar faces. Besides, S.H.E.I.L.D's gym is free range for all other operatives, so it's not like he's ever really alone.

It's already jarring enough to suddenly be here, seventy years later, but it's another thing entirely to learn that there are going to be others like him. He lowers his fist, letting the punching bag swing like a pendulum in front of him. He's still at such a loss as what to do.

"Captain America," There's something strange about that voice, it's soothing and familiar, makes him feel at ease for the first time in weeks, "I hope you don't mind if I interrupt, I'm a huge fan."

Steve turns to see a teenager smiling at him in a crisp black suit, he's holding a Captain America comic. It's worn but loved, and he holds it with pride. At first Steve almost thinks that maybe he’s a relative of one of the SHEILD operatives. There's something off about his eyes however, when Steve makes eye contact with them he swears he sees in the sky on a hot day in the summer at home, everything about this boy feels so familiar, like Steve should know him from somewhere.

“It’s alright,” He shuffles awkwardly, turning away and feeling more than a little embarrassed for blatantly staring, “I’m always glad to meet fans.”

“I used to love your shows, that song used to get stuck in my head for days,” His enthusiasm is infectious, it almost feels like the whole room is lighting up with him and even Steve can’t help the smile working his way onto his face, “Every bond you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy’s gun!”

He must have seen the reels then, Steve almost wonders how the film looks now, black and white when he remembers it so vividly in color.

“I haven’t heard that in a long time,” Steve admits, he can almost remember the choreography too, if he thinks back hard enough, he doesn’t think there’s really any way he can forget, “but thank you.”

The teenager holds out his hand and Steve takes it, they shake hands and the teenager almost flushes. He looks at Steve with pride, and Steve can’t help but think back to some of the kids in the theater whenever he’d knocked out Hitler a few times. Strange, he can almost recall a blond teenager, shouting with the same enthusiasm as them, the only deep voice in a chorus of squeals.

“I really hope you don’t mind, I just—you’re my FAVORITE superhero. I can’t believe I finally get to meet you in person!” The teenager shakes hands so enthusiastically that Steve has to adjust for a minute, surprisingly he has a strong grip, “C-Could I have your autograph?”

“Sure? Do you have a p—“ Steve lets go in time to have a blue pen with a strange logo on it handed to him, “to who do I make this out too?”

“Alfred F. Jones, Mr. Captain America, Sir.” Alfred adds the ‘Sir’ with a small reverence and Steve can’t help but stop and give him a reassure pat on the shoulder.

“At ease solider, I don’t mind if you just call me Steve.” Alfred nods quickly, over the moon at the statement. He quickly reaches into his pocket and takes out a strange plastic device that Fury had given him once. Cell Phone, his mind catalogues but he turns back to the comic book. It’s so surreal and he feels yet another pang as he can’t help but think of Peggy.

He hears a click and looks up to see Alfred behind his phone, pressing a button. He looks at him strangely guilty, pushing up his glasses.

“I’m sorry, but I just need to have you as my wallpaper.” Alfred quickly pockets the cellular phone, almost ashamed and faces Steve back slightly more solemn, “but in all seriousness sir—Steve, thank you for everything.”

“It’s nothing?” He actually hasn’t signed the comic book yet, he’s trying to think of what to say, but he glances up in time and locks eyes with him. Alfred suddenly looks so very…old, there must be something in the lights because all he can think of is the Statue of liberty, feel something like adrenaline in his veins. The same kind of pride he’d feel when he’d see the boys in uniform walk down his street.

He writes down an inscription quickly, suddenly full of optimism and a sudden sense of peace.

There’s a commotion upstairs, suddenly shouting and heavy footsteps. Steve hands back the comic, Alfred seems once again, for all purposes just a teenager.

The footsteps echo down the hall and Alfred winces, looking almost like a chastised child.

“I guess that’s my cue, thanks again Captain Sir—I mean, Steve.” Alfred gives him a fleeting smile, before running towards a side stairwell. He disappears into the empty hallway just as Agent Coulson flies in with Nick Fury behind him. Steve can tell from the tightness of their jaws something is wrong.

“Did you see a teenager running around here? Blond hair, blue eyes, glasses.” Coulson glances around, as if expecting someone to just jump out, “he goes by the name Alfred.”

“You’d be the first person he’d look for.” Fury adds, but he just raises an eyebrow at Steve, “we need to find him before someone else gets to him. Last time Stark ran off with him, he almost broke his arm trying to ride the Iron Man suit.”

“No, you just missed him—” Coulson doesn’t bother waiting for him to finish and rushes off, Fury just crosses his arms. Steve has a crazy thought that maybe Nick Fury is a telepath and just doesn’t tell anyone.

“How’d it feel to meet him Cap?” Fury just glances the pen in his hand, “your admirer’s pretty high up there, you should consider yourself honored.”

“That kid, wasn’t just a kid was he?” Steve looks back at the pen, the logo looks suspiciously like one from the White House.

“He’ll be back, now especially now that you’re here,” Fury’s one eye shines amused, and Steve tries not to dwell on how ominous that sounds, “why don’t you ask him about himself then?”

AND THEN ALFRED PROCEEDED TO SHOVE IT IN EVERYONE'S FACES. Also that totally was Alfred with the kids, HE WAS ALWAYS SURPRISED WHEN HITLER GOT KNOCKED OUT. Idk, I am more excited about this than I should be.
Tags: avengers, axis powers hetalia, crossover, gen
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